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November 24, 2009
Father of the Bride Speech: What to say?

It is a common request that fathers want to say a few words at their daughter’s wedding. And dads are always asking us what they should say. After witnessing many-a-toast, here are a few of our guidelines. Do not feel you have to include them all.


1) Welcome your guests, and thank long distance family and friends for traveling.

2) Tell a favorite little story about your daughter at a young age.

3) Mention proud achievements and fulfilled dreams, culminating into the woman your daughter has become.

3) Welcome groom into the family, i.e. "did not lose a daughter, but gained a son" sort of thing.

4) Give the groom some tips/notes (in a humorous way).

5) Mention the joining of two families.

6) Express the hopes and expectations, you have for your daughter’s future in marriage.


9) Remember this is a wedding, not a “roast”. DO NOT tell long drawn out embarrassing and comedic stories filled with jokes, insults and criticism. This is more appropriate for the rehearsal dinner.

7) Most importantly, keep your speech short - preferably 5-8 minutes max. Guests tend to get antsy and bored with long toasts.

Posted November 24, 2009 by Encounters Events
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